You know Telemedicine is the future. Now how do you implement a solution for your organization?

Whether you are a patient, in search of healthcare for your organization or business, or looking for telehealth technology for your private practice, medical facility or hospital, MyOnCallDoc is the solution to your telemedicine needs.

MyOnCallDoc: Direct to Patient Care

MyOnCallDoc connects patients with hundreds of U.S. board-certified physicians and other healthcare professionals in a variety of settings. Our doctors are available around-the-clock to provide care where and when patients need it most via HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant audio and video communications. Our virtual care model reduces unnecessary trips to the emergency room or urgent care clinic, is cost-effective and user-friendly. Patients have the ability to review our providers’ credentials and profiles and can select the provider they would like to speak with rather than having a provider selected for them. Telemedicine through the MyOnCallDoc platform is the most efficient way for patients to receive the treatment they need when they need it and at a great rate.

We have group and employee plans available for organizations in search of an affordable healthcare solution. Our white label platform will be private-branded for your organization (our technology, your brand), ensuring that each user’s experience is personalized. We also offer the ability for you to choose your own team of clinicians that will be available for your organization. For additional information, please contact our Business Services Department by calling 855-362-3278, extension 3.

MyOnCallDoc: Software as a Service

One of MyOnCallDoc’s primary goals is connecting patients with healthcare providers and making healthcare more accessible for the entire population. Currently, there is an incredible shortage of healthcare providers, especially in rural areas, making it challenging for patients of all ages to receive the care that they need and deserve. Additionally, as the Affordable Care Act continues to insert more Americans into the healthcare system without a significant increase in providers, the immediate need for a solution becomes more imperative.

MyOnCallDoc has that healthcare solution. Our premier Software as a Service (SaaS) provides disruptive telehealth capabilities that connect patients and providers virtually across the globe. Gone are the days where a patient and provider need to occupy the same physical space for a consultation to take place; with telemedicine, location is not a factor.

MyOnCallDoc makes it easy to integrate a private-branded telehealth solution into any private practice or institution. Our HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant platform is cloud-based and can be added to the range of devices that you are already utilizing with no need for additional hardware or bulky equipment. Telemedicine is the most efficient way to provide care to your patients, and we have the most cost-effective and user-friendly solution available.

With the MyOnCallDoc SaaS platform, you will have the ability to provide telehealth capabilities to all providers in your network and hold unlimited consultations with an unlimited number of patients. In addition, your relational platform will give you the ability to create and grow your telemedicine initiative in a controlled and incremental fashion. Whether you choose to start with urgent care, follow-up care, chronic care management, behavioral health, pre- and post-procedure management or all of the above, the MyOnCallDoc platform makes it easy and seamless.

SaaS Features:

Only Active, International Telehealth Solution:
MyOnCallDoc is the first SaaS-based telemedicine solution to go global. We are currently working with health systems, physicians and/or insurance plans on five continents.
White Label Feature Allows Private Branding:
Our technology can be private branded, so your patients see your practice name and your logo when they log in to the platform.

HIPAA and HITECH Compliant:
MyOnCallDoc complies with all HIPAA and HITECH guidelines and our diligent compliance team ensures that this remains the case even as regulations are updated.
High Quality, Secure Audio and Video Connections:
We use the best audio and video technology available for virtual consultations.

Cloud-Based Technology:
With our cloud-based technology, there is no need for additional equipment. Our platform can accessed from the devices your organization is already using.
Patient and Provider Mobile Apps:
Our mobile apps give patients the ability to create accounts, update their health histories, review provider profiles, schedule future appointments, view the doctors who are available for on-demand consultations, and have video consultations with the doctor of their choosing. Providers have the ability to update their schedules, view pending appointments, accept, decline or cancel appointments, and create dictation notes after a consultation.

Unlimited Patient Users and Consultations:
Our platform allows for unlimited patient users and consultations at no additional charge to you.
Allows Unlimited Providers:
Big practice? No problem. You can add as many providers to your privatized platform as necessary. Our monthly rate is calculated on the number of providers you have on the platform, so we will adjust your plan to fit your needs.

Online Telemedicine Training (MODU):
MyOnCallDoc offers a unique online telemedicine training portal, MyOnCallDoc University (MODU). MODU provides suggested office workflow, instructions for booking consultations through the platform, and specific guidelines for doctors using telemedicine for the first time. It also covers a range of telemedicine topics including an overview and history of telemedicine, federal and state legislation, HIPAA and HITECH compliance, and telemedicine technology. We have found those new to the telemedicine industry are interested in gaining a basic knowledge on the subject, and as experts in the field, we can certainly help with that.
On-Demand Appointments:
When a patient needs to talk to a doctor, they typically want to talk to one as soon as possible. With our on-demand telehealth visits, patients can see which providers are online and available. Requests are immediately sent to the provider that the patient selected, at which point the provider has the opportunity to either accept or decline the call. Within minutes, the patient and provider are connected and on their way to resolving the patient’s concern.

Mass Patient Upload:
When you add the MyOnCallDoc platform to your office, we will upload all of your existing patients so that telemedicine is an option for their next visits.
Administrative Access:
Your administrative team will have access to your unique back office panel for recordkeeping and scheduling purposes.

Robust Scheduling System:
Our robust scheduling system allows providers to set their schedules up to one year in advance. Appointments can also be synced with existing calendars.
Payment Collection:
Your patients will either be given a unique login to bypass any payment for the telemedicine consultation or if a copayment or additional fee should be collected for the telemedicine consultation, the patient will be prompted to enter a credit card during the scheduling process.

Access to our Doctors for On-Call Purposes:
We recognize that all doctors do not have the ability or desire to be available for patients 24/7. That is why we offer access to our team of board-certified doctors for on-call purposes.
24/7 Customer Service and Technical Support:
Our knowledgeable team of customer service and technical support representatives are always available to assist you with any questions that arise.

Dictation Notes Feature:
Our advanced recordkeeping tool allows providers to make patient notes via text or dictation post consultations.
Ability to Share Images:
Patients can send providers images from their mobile devices immediately following a video consultation.

Call 855-DOC-FAST (362-3278), extension 3, to create a customized plan for your organization and take advantage of MyOnCallDoc’s relational platform today.