What are people saying about MOD

I injured myself on the rocks when I was at the beach last month. My initial thought was that I just had some minor cuts and bruises, but a few days later the areas where I cut myself got really red and became infected. So I called MyOnCallDoc. The physician asked me to show him my cuts via video conference on my iPhone. He determined that my cuts were indeed infected, so he called in a prescription to the nearest pharmacy for an antibiotic. This saved me time, money, and my sanity.
Sean, MOD Patient
I flew to New York a few weeks ago, and my eyes started to itch uncontrollably during the flight. By the time I landed, my eyes were completely blood shot and the itching would not subside. I called MOD from my iPad, and was connected via video conference to a physician, who asked me to show him my eye condition by looking straight into the iPad camera. The doctor determined that I had conjunctivitis. He called in a script to the nearest pharmacy, and I was able to attend my dinner meeting without delay. MyOnCallDoc is an invaluable service. It saves time and money.